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When we think of diets, we think of eating nothing but fruit and salads, and more often than not being hungry and restricting what we eat. Research shows that 95% of those on a diet will gain the weight back in 1-5 years. Why is this?

When we diet we aren’t really changing anything, we aren’t changing the way we view ourselves, we aren’t changing our overall eating habits and we could actually be restricting the nutrients that we need to be healthy.

When we eat less food and are still hungry this disturbs both our body and our mind. This then really kicks in a very old but crucial part of our evolution. Hunger and the energy that we burn are controlled by our subconscious mind without us being aware of it. Our brain has an idea of what we should weigh and it will adjust our hunger and how much energy we burn in order to stay the weight it thinks we should ideally be. If we start losing weight fast your body tries to get back to what it believes is the ideal weight and it does this by making you hungry, burning less energy and also suppressing your metabolism. This is all to do with starvation, you’re body wants you to stay healthy and it want you to try and make sure you maintain your weight so it does these things to protect you, Which would make sense if we were cavemen and we had long periods between meals, but in today’s fast food, sugars and calories this is actually very impractical.


What can Hypnotherapy do?

Well hypnotherapy can be very useful when it comes to helping our subconscious mind to get rid of this image and help it to work with usweight loss hypnosis surrey. With hypnosis we encourage our clients to get an image of how they would be happy and we set this as our goal, this way our subconscious mind has a new goal to focus on. We also get the subconscious mind to work with us and by losing the weight gradually we don’t shock the body into thinking it needs to go into protective mode. What we are actually is changing your lifestyle, we are introducing new healthier eating habits to your life, that will help you lose weight. But most importantly we are making sure that you are losing weight without being hungry. We want you to learn how to eat consciously – focusing on each mouthful and really focusing on when you no longer feel hungry. You are satisfied and you stop eating but you are still able to loose weight because your lifestyle is better as a whole.

In this way we are losing weight but we are doing it healthily. We are making sure that our subconscious mind is happy with what we are doing so it doesn’t fight what we are doing, and we are also making sure that we are making long term changes so that we are not a part of the majority – where we lose the weight only to put it on again. Hypnotherapy help the subconscious and works with it and not against it which can not only lead to weight loss, but also a healthier way of life.

If you want to know more about what hypnotherapy can do to help you lose weight then please get in touch. I am now offering free 30 minute consultations either via phone or skype. These are a great opportunity for you to ask all the questions you need to ask as well as find out how hypnotherapy could help you to reach your goals. To book in for a complimentary consultation or session please use the contact details below.

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