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There is scientific evidence to suggest that the way we think has a much bigger impact than we know. Positive thinking can be a lot more than just a smile or feeling good for the afternoon, it has very beneficial long term benefits.


Negative Thoughts – What it does to the mind.

Negative emotions like fear, stress or anxiety actually narrow your mind and focus your thoughts; this is very much an evolutionary response. For example if we were to be walking through a forest and all of a sudden we see a predator we feel fear which is a negative emotion. Our brain then takes over and tells us to run, we ignore all other options like playing dead, climbing a tree or grabbing a stick, our brain ignores options and goes for what is thinks is most relevant and useful in that situation, which isn’t always the best solution.

Now if we look at this in a more relevant situation. When we get stressed or anxious in our everyday lives it feels like we are fighting a losing battle, when we have loads to get done we think about how little we have achieved and how unproductive we are. When we have an argument, it stays on our mind and all we end up thinking about is what we could have said or done differently. Your brain shuts out the world around you and focuses on the negative and stops you seeing the choices you have, it’s a very basic survival instinct that has now turned into behaviours and though patterns that really don’t help us.


Positive Thinking – What it does to the mind.

Now we look at positive thinking and as you can probably guess, it does the opposite to negative thinking, when we think positively we can see more possibilities and options, our minds seem to be more open, however there is a theory called the broaden and build theory which goes even further than this, it states that when we are thinking positively and we have more open minds we actually go on to build new skills and develop resources that we can use to help us in life.

When we are trapped thinking negatively for example when we saw a predator, we didn’t need to think about the future because the present needed our attention, we were focused on getting out of that situation and getting our bodies back to normal without the stress. When we have a more positive mind set we think more about the future.


How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Think More Positively

surrey hypnotherapyHypnotherapy is focused thought, so we can help train your brain to focus on positive thoughts as opposed to negative ones, we can also help you to deal with stress a lot better so that you don’t get trapped in these negative thinking patterns. With hypnotherapy we get you to focus on your goal and your achievements, looking forward to the future and promoting positive thoughts. We also show you how you can be in control of your thoughts and show you how they can really impact on your success in whatever your goal may be. Hypnotherapy addresses the subconscious mind and this is where our automatic behaviours are – breathing for example. By getting into this part of the brain we can help make new behaviours and thoughts a lot more automatic and long term.


If you would like help to get in control and learn how hypnotherapy can help you to have a more positive life then please get in touch. I am now offering free 30 minute consultations these are done either via skype or on the phone; these are a great opportunity to ask me all the questions you would like to ask and get a much more detailed understanding of what hypnotherapy can do for you. Please use the contact details below to find out how to organise your consultation or alternatively your first hypnotherapy session.  

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