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When I tell people I am a hypnotherapist, I tend to get a mixed response. I am usually told an abundance of stories, some positive ones of how someone’s mother tried hypnotherapy and hasn’t touched a packet of cigarettes since, whereas others will say how it didn’t work for them or they went back to smoking after a year or so. So why is it that some clients experience permanent results but for others it simply won’t work, even if both clients went to the same hypnotherapist and the same techniques were used.


What Can You Do To Help Hypnotherapy Work For You?

Well the truth is that we are all unique, so naturally different therapies will work differently for different people. We all respond, think, behave and feel differently, nobody is the same, so naturally no therapy will work for everyone and there are a lot of reasons why hypnotherapy may not be the ‘magic wand’ treatment for everybody.
However there are ways in which you can ensure hypnosis can work for you and allow you to make any positive changes you wish. Firstly you have to want to change your behaviour; don’t go to a stop smoking hypnotherapy session with a packet of cigarettes in yhypnotherapy surreyour car. As soon as you book in with your chosen hypnotherapist you have to believe that you can and you want to achieve your goal. Of course we don’t expect you to not be a little skeptical, it’s only natural to be so, but you must be open to the experience and you must truly believe that you can and will do it.

You must also be aware that you will be asked to follow instructions and you should just allow yourself to follow those instructions, don’t listen to that voice inside your head telling you that you can hear the traffic outside or what you are having for dinner tonight, instead just take a deep breath and listen to your therapists voice. Take control of your mind and turn any intrusive or negative thoughts into positive ones and the more you do it, the easier it will become. In fact some of my most skeptical clients who have started off finding it difficult to just relax and follow instructions are often the clients who become the most comfortable when we come to the end of the treatments, they are the ones who get into the chair, close their eyes and are ready to start the treatment and feel the benefits, and this is because they have turned off their negative thoughts and have tried to turn them into positive ones, and have listened and most importantly they have allowed the positive changes to happen.

Of course everyone will see results at different speeds, some clients will see results almost instantly but others may need a little more time. One of the most important parts of your therapy is to reinforce what is said in the sessions, I always give my clients a recording at the end of a session and I can always tell in the next session if they have played it. Take control of your therapy and if your therapist gives you a recording then play it. Take the time to reinforce your therapy and make sure you get the most out of your sessions.

There are so many reasons why hypnosis can work extremely well for some and not at all for others, but the most important piece of advice that I can give to anyone seeking hypnotherapy is that the changes will happen if you let them, it is all about you and whether you truly believe you want to change, and being able to allow your hypnotherapist to help you do so. That is the key to success in hypnotherapy.

Want to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you? I am offering free 30 minute consultations via skype or phone so you can have time to ask all your questions and you can find out all the information on what hypnotherapy can do for you. Use the contact details below to get in touch and book your consultation.



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