Surrey Hypnotherapist Beth Johnson

When going to see a hypnotherapist it can be very frightening since you really do not know what to expect, you are seeing someone who you have never met before and telling them your insecurities – so it’s normal to be nervous and skeptical of what will happen. I’ve put together 10 tips to help you get the most out of your hypnotherapy sessions, so you can know a little more about what to expect and what will make you successful in reaching your goals.

10 Top Tips for successful sessions using hypnosis 

  1. Choose A Therapist Carefully – it can be very daunting looking through the hundreds of hypnotherapists in your area, we all have different qualifications, different areas we specialise in and different approaches. Sometimes there may be a face or a website which jumps out at you and makes you feel like you want to book an appointment. You can email more than one hypnotherapist and ask them a little more about their approach and really get a feel for whether you feel comfortable with them, you can also ask to speak to them on the phone, and if you do book an appointment and you don’t feel that it is a good match in the first session, please don’t be afraid to tell us. Sometimes a little feedback can be really helpful for us. The most important thing is that you take your time to find who will be the right therapist for you.
  2. Pick A Good Time – When scheduling hypnotherapy appointments, make sure it is a good time for you to relax. It can be difficult to focus on what we need to do in the session if you are thinking about rushing off to do errands, or a big meeting that you have that afternoon. Make sure that it is a convenient time for you to switch off and really focus on yourself.
  3. Business First – Sometimes paying for the session and the next appointment booked in the diary done at the beginning can be a load off your mind. This means you can really focus on the session and getting the most out of it.
  4. Listen – It can be very easy for your mind to wonder in sessions and I’ve even had clients fall asleep! This is time for you to work on achieving your goals, there is a reason we tell you to do everything during these sessions and it is to help you. So remember to listen to the instructions and suggestions so you can allow the changes to happen. Try to relax and just focus on your therapists voice!
  5. Do Your Homework – A lot of clients can think that we do all the hard work for them but sometimes we do give you homework, like listening to a recording to reinforce the session. Make sure you attempt to do it, even if you can only do it once. We set the homework so you can progress and reflect on what we are doing to help you and it is so rewarding when a client says they have really tried to do their homework.
  6. Say Anything – Sometimes clients think that they cannot say what is on their mind when it is in fact the opposite, if you don’t like something then let us know so we can change it for next time. If you don’t understand something then speaksurrey hypnosis up so we can take the time to explain it to you. We will never share what is said in sessions without your consent as we are bound by confidentiality and we will never judge you. You can say whatever you need to without any embarrassment or fear. This is time to work on you and we cannot help you be the best you can be if you are not completely honest.
  7. Arrive Early – When clients arrive late they waste the full hour they have with the hypnotherapist. By arriving early you can make sure your mind is fully focused on the session and you are not rushing through the door. Sometimes it is possible to overrun sessions and give you the full hour but there are times when we can’t and we want you to get the full hour for your money, so arrive early to make sure you get your full hours’ worth.
  8. Have Goals – on my form during the first session I have a question which says – What would you like to achieve with hypnotherapy? This is a very important question as it allows you to set yourself a goal or a target to achieve. Everyone’s goal is different. For some it may be to fit in to a size 12 dress, for someone else it may be to have a healthier lifestyle or stop smoking for good. Know what you want to achieve but also know why you are doing it; you may want to stop smoking to save money, for others it may be health. Focusing on these is very useful and will help you get the most out of your sessions since both you and your therapist have an understanding of why you are there and what you want to do.
  9. Ask Questions – I encourage my clients to ask questions and if they want to see my certificates then they are always available to look through. This means you will be able to manage your expectations and you will feel much more comfortable. These questions could be about experience, costs, how many sessions you may need, whatever it is, it’s important to ask questions as and when you have them. You can also give feedback to your therapist on how you feel the session went and how you are progressing, this helps us to understand what we need to do and can do to help you further and how well the therapy is working for you individually.
  10. Don’t Fear The End – By this I mean you are with the hypnotherapist for a reason, it can be scary to think that the treatments must end and you will have to try and maintain your new behaviours yourself but you should be proud of what you have achieved and every step you have taken along the way. If you want further support the door is always open and you can slowly stop the sessions, you can come back once every month if you wanted to for a motivation session or a top up session, our main focus is to help you achieve your individual goals and you are in control of how we help you to get there.


Hypnotherapy can be a very  powerful tool to help you achieve your goals, but you cannot expect the hypnotherapist to magically take control of your mind and change you into the person you want to be, it is going to take commitment and effort on your part as the client as well, if you follow what your hypnotherapist tells you and you make sure you are in the best possible mind frame to take everything from the session in, then there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to achieve your goals.


If you want more information on hypnotherapy then please do get in touch using the contact details below. I am now offering free 30 minute consultations via phone or skype, these are a great opportunity for you to ask all the questions that you would like to ask as well as get a lot more detailed information on what hypnotherapy can do for you and how it can help you to achieve your goals. If you would like to book in for your consultation or alternatively book in a session then please use the details below.