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An increasing number of women are turning to natural pain relief in labour, it’s estimated that around half are now looking at and using alternatives to the standard pain relief available, and this includes the use of hypnosis.


What Can Hypnotherapy Do To Help Labour

The aim with hypnotherapy during childbirth is to take the stress out of the whole experience, when we get stressed we release hormones which lead to the activation of our fight or flight response and adrenaline will start pumping through your body, during labour this can result in oxygen and blood being pumped to areas of your body and muscles that are not going to be beneficial in helping you in that situation, but it’s just your body natural response. The other aim with hypnotherapy during childbirth is to change your expectations of labour, instead of thinking you have to rely on pain relief given to you, we teach that you can and will be in control of your body and by making you more positive about the experience you may end up relying less on pain relief given.

There is evidence that hypnosis can be very beneficial in childbirth and has resulted in many women having shorter stays at the hospital, better childbirth hypnosis surreyresult at their babies’ first checks, less intense pain and even a shorter labour. But how is this all possible, well we teach you to remain calm and relax your muscles, breathe deeply allowing the right areas of your body to have the oxygen it needs and you’ll release the hormones that your body needs to help you numb the pain naturally.

This will all allow you to have a much more natural birth, without the need for drugs to speed up the labour or to numb the pain, when we are in a calm state and we make sure our bodies are working the way they need to, we can deal with everything so much better, when we are in a state of panic and we have a lot of stress hormones rushing through our bodies then we are not helping the situation at all.

Hypnotherapy is a very effective way to help make sure you are prepared for your labour, you are able to remain calm and you are able to allow your body to do everything it needs to, in order to make it the best experience it can possibly be.

If you would like more information on how hypnotherapy can help you during labour then please get in touch. I am now offering free 30 minute consultations these are done on the phone or via skype. These are a great opportunity for you to ask all the questions you need to and get much more in depth information on how hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals. Please use the contact details below to find out more and book your consultation.

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