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Our lives seem to be getting more and more stressful, with bills to pay, the pressure of work, exams, trying to maintain relationships and juggle responsibilities at home. I’ve seen more and more people suffering from anxiety and needing seeking some help to find calm in an often manic world. I myself specialise in anxiety as I really love the feeling I get when I see my clients go away a completely new person – much more relaxed and in control!


The Science

Our mind cannot tell the difference between real stress and what we build up in our mind as imagined stress. Whether it is real or imagined stress our bodies response is the same, it activates our fight or flight response. When I think of the fight or flight response I always think of a caveman facing up to a predator, as this is where it really develops from, the caveman can either fight the predator or he can run away and hope he is fast enough to outrun it. Adrenaline is released into our system and we prepare ourselves for what we have to face. This fight of flight response has kept us alive for millions of years so in the short term it can be very beneficial, but it’s when we have long term stress when it can become a problem, because to maintain the adrenaline in our systems our immune system goes into immunosuppression, simply put it isn’t working as well as it should. This opens our bodies up to all kinds of potential illnesses and ailments. Our mind is also in overdrive and we cannot slow it down because we have this constant adrenaline flowing through our bodies. No wonder we get so exhausted and run down!


Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Anxiety and stress can express itself in many different ways these can include panic attacks, migraines and comfort eating, whatever it is we all deal with stress and anxiety differently. So how can hypnotherapy help with both the cause and the symptoms? Well we will take the time to look at whether something has triggered your body and mind to activate the fight or flight response and work with you to help manage the stresses and anxiety of everyday life in a much healthier way. This means our mind can relax and our bodies can turn off the fight or flight response so we can restore balance and harmony.

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If you are in the position where you feel stress or anxiety is affecting your life and you would like to take the time to focus on you and your well-being and get in control of your anxiety then please do contact me. I am now offering free 30 minute phone or skype consultations so you can take the time to ask all the questions you need to ask and you can find out in more detail about how hypnotherapy can help you. Please use the contact details below to get in touch and book your consultation.

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